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Mai Chau town overview

If you are finding a place that leaves the highest number of indelible impressions on the mind of tourists, the correct answer is the Mai Chau Town in Hoa Binh Province, known also as the Mai Chau Valley. Mai Chau is located in Hoa Binh province in the North Western part of Vietnam, approximately 160Km from Hanoi. There is an estimated 48,570 inhabitants including 7 Ethnic Minority groups. ‘White Thai’, ‘H’Mong’, ’Zao’, ’Muong’, ’Tay’, ’Hoa’, and ‘Viet’. Mai Chau consists mainly of the ‘White Thai’ people.

Why should you choose Mai Chau Hotel for your stay?

Being built in 2013, Mai Chau Sunset Hotel is the first and only hotel owned by local minority ethnic family (Ha Hien Family). Mai Chau Hotel is small and cozy, whose architecture is a harmonious combination of modern and traditional style (two-floor building with stylized bamboo wall and traditional appliances and accessories). The hotel is located in Pom Coong village a quiet, clean place, close to the nature with full of light and surrounded trees. It has only 8 rooms, ensuring maximum privacy of its guests, where they could experience daily life of villagers.

You can easily behold the beauty of peaceful hamlets, green lakes, romantic hillsides and the ever stretching rice fields swaying in the fresh mountain breeze from the windows of the rooms. Anyone who ever stayed in Mai Chau Hotel never forgets the rolling landscape and the friendly, charming nature of the people here.

  1. Unique architecture: the hotel is built in a semicircle bearing Vietnamese culture, with walls inclined 75 degrees; it is completely surrounded by bamboo, creating unique architecture
  2. Good location, Clean and quiet
  3. We aim for a green space, protection of environment: the entire interior of the hotel is made from natural forest bamboo .
  4. Sewage system of the hotel is reused after treatment serving rice paddy
  5. Conservation of indigenous culture: nowadays local Thai people prefer aluminum tray serving meals, refusing the use of their traditional made-of-rattan tray. Our bar uses traditional rattan trays of Thai people to serve our guests to introduce and preserve indigenous culture.
  6. Joining hands with us to help poor people: annually, the hotel uses a portion of its profits to help the poor in the PomCoong village

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