Mai Chau valley treking Tours

You will trek through peacefull Thai ethnic minority villages and picturesque landscape of rice fileds and green moutains. You will be hosted by a local family for lunch in the Buoc village. After lunch,a car will bring you back to Mai Chau sunset boutique hotel.

Tour code- trek 01: Mai Chau valley Trek (half day)- Mai Hich, Na Sun, Xam Khoe and Buoc villages

Walking around Mai Chau valley

Enjoy experiencing new cultures? Then take journey with our local guides to the White Thai village. Watch as the village people tend to their rice fields, planting and harvesting their crops, or as the village women weave beautiful silk scarves or tend to their silk worms.  Take a look at the local wares something is bound to catch your interest; from crossbows to bags, rice wine to small cafes.

Valley Walk – 2 hours (daily tour)- around Mai Chau valley

Mai Chau bicycle -Sunset Tour

[ Highly recommend ] - A great way to travel in Vietnam’s Mai Chau is by bicycle. Take a guided tour to scope out the trails around Mai Chau. It’s not only a great way to exercise but excellent for sight-seeing. Take in the rolling, majestic beauty of the karst mountains above, the humble organized valley below, and the dense thickets around you. See the stilt houses arranged together in the valley or along with the meandering cattle by the roadside.

Hanoi (or Noi Bai Airport) - Mai Chau valley (3 days 2 nights)

Day 1: You will be picked up at Hanoi Airport (or hotel in Hanoi) to go to Mai Chau with private car. From Hanoi to Mai Chau it takes about 4 hours (180km from Hanoi Airport, 150km from Hanoi center) to drive. On the way you have a chance to see the magnificent scenery of moutainous area with the old villages of ethnic minority people hidden in forests and moutains. You reach Mai Chau at noon, after having a lunch with the local specialities, you are free in aftenoon to discover the village yourself.